Project Description

A day excursion that, starting from Rome, will take you to discover the center of Naples and the excavations of Pompeii. A unique opportunity to enrich your holiday in Rome with an experience that includes transport and guided tour in one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world.

Tour Description:
With this day excursion you can leave from Rome to visit the center of Naples and the excavations of Pompeii, two of the most famous areas of Campania. On board, you can travel without worries and then enjoy the visits in two timeless places.
Our tour will leave from Rome early in the morning to leave for Naples, with a trip in maximum comfort. Once in Naples, you will have the opportunity to visit the city center and climb the hill of Vomero, where you can enjoy the beautiful views of Naples, the penisula of Sorrento and, impressive in the landscape, the volcano Vesuvius. From Naples you can reach Hercolano, where you can have lunch in a first class restaurant, to regain your strength and taste some of the dishes of the area.

After lunch, you will arrive in Pompeii, where you will meet a professional tour guide who will lead you to discover the excavations of the city. Pompeii was buried under tens of meters during the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, a reason that has allowed its conservation in excellent condition: it is a place out of time, a destination for millions of tourists from all over the world, where it is possible to immerse yourself in the life of the ancient Romans. Together with the guide you will know the secrets, stories and anecdotes of Pompeii, to make your visit unique.
At the end of the tour you will return to Rome.