Project Description

The Rome by night tour will give you the opportunity to visit the beauties of Rome on board of a luxury, top class, full optional vehicle. You will indeed be reached by a professional chauffeur private car or minivan in your hotel. Your private guide will accompany you in discovering the eternal city at night. The tour will take place partly by car, partly by walking, to offer you maximum comfort. The tour is the best option to visit Rome at the evening light with the comfort of a luxury vehicle, private guide exclusively for your group, pick-up and return from / to your hotel.

You will have the opportunity to take a panoramic tour of the Eternal City, along the ancient streets of the historic Roman city, to discover the most famous places, fountains and the most beautiful squares. From the “Teatro Marcello”, passing through “Piazza Venezia”, along “Via dei Fori Imperiali”, next to the “Colosseum”, the “Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore” and the magnificent “Piazza della Repubblica” with the amazing “Nayadi fountain”.

From Via Nazionale, (considered the most elegant street of the city), the Rome by night tour will continue until you reach the “Trevi Fountain” where we will stop to admire its extraordinary beauty. The fountain is fed by the Roman aqueduct of the Virgin Water and depicts Oceano on a shell-shaped chariot pulled by sea horses, led by tritons. There is the legend, now become customary, according to which the tourist who throws a coin in the fountain ensures the return to the eternal city. The tour then continues walking until you reach the “Pantheon”, a building of ancient Rome, born as a temple dedicated to all the gods of Olympus.
We will then head to “Piazza Navona”, pride of Baroque Rome. Architectural elements and sculptures by masters such as Gian Lorenzo Bernini (in the center of the square the “Fountain of the Four Rivers”, depicting the four corners of the Earth), Francesco Borromini, Girolamo Rainaldi and Pietro da Cortona enrich this unique square in the world.
The Rome by night tour will take you back on board your private vehicle to the majestic “Castel Sant’Angelo”. You will then be brought back to your hotel.